Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool REVIEW

A couple weeks ago, I shared my concern about the costs involved in homeschooling. We have been incredibly lucky to have spent only a little over $100 for four years of homeschooling. It’s a miracle, really! Generally speaking, you might pay more than that for one subject of one grade in the “big name” curricula retailers. By using materials that I had from teaching public school, as well as tons of free resources, we saved big bucks. Unfortunately, many of the freebies are meant for early elementary levels, and my kids are moving past that.

Enter the complete, free curricula from Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool, Discovery K12, and An Old-Fashioned Education. Today, I’ll discuss Easy Peasy.

If you haven’t heard of EP, you haven’t tried searching for free curricula. EP is high-ranking on google search results…and for good reason. It is a complete (and I mean complete) Christian homeschool program for every grade level, preschool to twelfth! The high school site is separate (allinonehighschool), but it works the same way.

The creator’s background is interesting. Lee’s family was living in another country as missionaries. She didn’t have library access and was looking for a way to save her children’s lessons online. So EP was born and grew as Lee’s children advanced through grade levels.

Easy Peasy includes all subject areas, even the required fire safety for us Pennsylvanians. It makes use of free books, games, and other activities found on the Web. Each of the 180 days of lessons in each subject are laid out, so there is absolutely no planning needed from the parents. There are some worksheets or activities that may need printed out, but everything is prepared to make this curriculum, well, easy peasy. Since EP uses free materials from online, not everything is “Christian”. Lee does explain these instances, and gives a Christian introduction to the activities.

One of my favorite things about EP is the ability to have your child work on one grade level, or select different levels in different subject areas. Parents can choose to suit the needs of their child; the program is very adaptable in that way.

The only negative I have encountered is the need to be online. If you know you’ll be away from home for a day, you could look ahead, make notes, and print worksheets to do, but there will likely be something online that you won’t have, unless you have a device with wifi when you’re gone. Also, if you have several children using the program, they might fight over the computer. Fortunately, there are some readers and math books available in print, but there is a charge for them.

You will NOT need to supplement anything. You certainly can add in extras, if you feel like your child could use some more practice, but it is not necessary. I’ve read many comments specifically about the need for more math:

“There isn’t much math practice.”

“There seems to be a lot of games.”

“Don’t kids need to do worksheets each day?”

In my experience — and I’m sure with many others — math is often a struggling point. You want kids to enjoy math, to want to do math. Games are certainly motivation for working. If you look at the early grades, EP does include games, I think, every day, but there are also worksheets. And as grade levels rise, games lessen. Your children can learn math without hardcore drilling. But, again, feel free to supplement wherever you see fit. You’re the parent, right?

Overall, EP is a wonderful tool for homeschoolers. In this case, being entirely free does not mean poor content. EP is an all-inclusive, all-grade curriculum. When you consider the amount of work that went into planning this, truly, it is awe-inspiring.

I hope you’ll check out Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool!


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