Western Pennsylvania Usage of Verb Tense, or What Makes Me Twitch

If you have spent any time in western Pennsylvania, you probably understand the struggle of proper verb tense.

verb tense meme

Maybe you’ve heard this:

“I seen them down there.”

“I should have went.”

“He don’t know.”

**cringe** Honestly, some days it’s enough to make my ears bleed. Now, please don’t think I consider myself better than everyone else. I know that I’m not perfect; the only perfect man died on the cross for my sins, so that my imperfect self could be saved, praise God! (Check out John 3:16, if you don’t already know the verse.) However, I try to speak using the best grammar possible. My elementary school teachers were, thankfully, very traditional, and they stressed that speaking well presents you to others in a good light. You sound more intelligent, mature, and professional when you use good grammar as opposed to slang or local colloquialisms. Thus, my attempt to speak properly began, and it is something that I encourage my children to do, as well.


So the other day, after my son told me he “had saw” something, I figured that I needed to up my grammar game for the new homeschool year. I decided to make a worksheet for upper elementary and middle school grades (or any grades, really) to define and help children think about verb usage.


Get your verb tense freebie here!


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